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Hellfire by suthnmeh

Okay, firstly: This is absofrigginlutely one of THE coolest things you have ever painted. Now that that's outta the way, I'll start wit...




Assault Rifle Prop Replica Pt 4 by Techta
Assault Rifle Prop Replica Pt 4
Part 4!

Sorry I missed a bunch of pictures D:

Major Mistakes:
1. WAIT UNTIL EVERYTHING IS DRY before peeling paint. I didn't make that mistake on the D9 gun, but I screwed up that Nerf gun bad by jumping the gun.
2. Always check those references
3. Test strips, check your paint. If you don't like it, return it and get the proper paint. Those cans add up in $$$$.

Part 3: Assault Rifle Prop Replica Build Pt 3 by Techta
Part 5 will come later. Still working on it!
Assault Rifle Prop Replica Build Pt 3 by Techta
Assault Rifle Prop Replica Build Pt 3
Part 3!

Major mistakes:
1. DO NOT USE A DREMEL WHERE THERE IS HOT GLUE. It heats up the glue and destroys your Dremel tip.
2. Be careful... practice with Dremel settings before hacking away at it. (I did practice, but I should have tried different speeds)

Part 2: Assault Rifle Prop Replica Pt 2 by Techta
Part 4: Assault Rifle Prop Replica Pt 4 by Techta
Assault Rifle Prop Replica Pt 2 by Techta
Assault Rifle Prop Replica Pt 2
I've been working on this non-stop and only just sat down to make this. 

Major mistakes I made:
1. I am terrible at cutting, but I know some of this comes with practice. Practicing cutting straight and holding the knife perpendicular to the foam would have helped, though I still really sucked at it. 
2. Not letting the contact cement set up enough. Ten minutes wasn't enough for it to perform at its best. I found it worked better to wait 15-20 minutes.
3. Keep that damn blade sharp. I don't have a sharpener and even though I tried to switch blades often, it wasn't often enough. One swipe with a dull blade can ruin everything. I recommend a HEAVY DUTY knife with a sharpener or lots of blades. Just go through them like crazy because it's worth it to have a sharp cut. You can't really fix it later like you'd think.
4. MARK MARK MARK! I marked my foam in key places to match it up when adhering, but it wasn't enough. Mark it every few inches to make sure you're on track.

Stay tuned!

Part 1: Assault Rifle Prop Replica Pt 1 by Techta
Part 3: Assault Rifle Prop Replica Build Pt 3 by Techta
This..."status" thing....I don't know....

In other news, I'm doing art things. Clearly, since this is an Okay, yeah I have nothing interesting to say here. No one cares about my personal life, what art I do is self evident, my Premium ends in 3 months which is sad, not because it's ending, but because when I bought it, I got a 2 year one, which means it's been 2 years...and I'm a senior in college....god.
I still occasionally get a new Watcher or two here and there, but since I haven't been submitting a lot of art (sort of trickles in), I was just wondering, what are your favorite subject matters that I've drawn? Ive got commissions I'm working on currently, so I haven't had much time to do original stuff, but I was just curious. 

Why is it that when you don't have time to do art, you want DESPERATELY to draw, but then when you have all the time in the world, it's the last thing you feel like doing? WHY UNIVERSE?
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Student, University of Georgia studying Fisheries and Wildlife. Art is just for fun :)



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